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In under two months, Jack is back! (24)

With 24 returning to TVs everywhere in two months, I've been going through a "relive the days of Jack" phase. I've been watching the old series, reading fanfic and obsessing over news on the filming of the new series.

I was going back over some of my own posts and I ran across three episode recaps that I did for the first three episodes of season five. I only did three because I do recaps like most of my writing: obsessively long and filled with nitpicking details. I gave up the recap business after those three episodes, they always fell into the "Too Long; Don't Read" category of internet writing. However, I did a good job on writing them and I remember, despite how long it too me to write them, I really did enjoy doing it. And I had some good ideas in it, too.

If I recall correctly, season five was the start of the slow fandom time in 24. Unlike a lot of shows, it was hard to keep a lot of 24 fandom interested for the entire run of the show. You really had to be a fan of Jack Bauer, not just a fan of one of the other characters or a ship or even the current plot-for-the-day, because all of those things changed from season to season. Heck, they changed for hour to hour and characters that were indispensable on moment were checking out with a silent clock in the next.

It is actually one of the things that I love about the show. It goes full out and non-stop. As much as I want happy endings, I'm always satisfied with the endings (or non-endings) that 24 gave us. I think that the real-time conceit of the show is what made that acceptance possible. There just wasn't time to make it right or happy or even better. You just ended up taking what you could from the time you had.

No other show on TV feels that way.

I would say that Supernatural comes close. Of course, that's due in no small part to how similar Jack and Dean are. I freely admit that Dean is the reason I watch Supernatural. He's just my type -- of fictional character, that is. *grin*

As I was going through my old recaps I ran across this little bit I wrote:

I also must point out that I find Jack Bauer with a gun to be very easy on the eyes. Something about how he handles the gun, the complete competence and inherent dangerousness that he exudes is intoxicating.

Heh. It's a bit strong, but not completely wrong. In fact, I once did a picture meme (for a challenge of Doing Things) that was all about Jack Bauer with a gun. So I suppose I have to own up to that particular obsession. Although, in all honesty, I have quite a few icons that have other people with guns. And bows, too. So perhaps it's just weaponry in general that I like.

I'm hoping with the return of 24 there will be a bit of a revival of the fandom. It would be nice to talk to other fans about it. Maybe it will even inspire me to write some stuff of my own.


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