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Somedays are just to cold to think about.

This is the first thing I saw on my fb timeline when I woke up:

Here in Merrill, the 5am the temp was -28° breaking the old record of -23° set in 2009.

It wouldn't be so bad except it's been much like that since, say early December. And once it "warms" up to 5 above? Snow.

I was going to come here and complain but everyone is complaining about how endless this brutal winter is, and at least we have the wood (Thanks, Pa!) to keep the house warm. Can't really ask for more. I'm not going to think about how, back in 2000, it was 67° on March 5th.

Instead, I will be happy that I am going to be able to drive down to Madison tomorrow and visit Myr! Whoot! She's having a tough semester and I think she could use a visit. We're just doing a day trip because she has a ton of work to do for her classes and when we're down classwork really doesn't happen.

Our plan is to pick her up, go shopping at I'm Board (a completely wonderful game store!), eat lunch at the Hubbard Avenue Diner and pick up some odd brands of mustard at the Mustard Museum.

If you're thinking that looks a lot like what we did the last time we had time to kill in Madison, you're right. Why mess with a good thing?

Will wants to go see "The Wind Rises". I would, too. Miyazaki films are always worth seeing on the big screen. We'll have to play that by ear.

There is also the possibility that I will buy myself something. Something I could use but don't really need. Something very expensive. But due to those last two sentences, I'm waffling. We have other things we could (even, perhaps, should) spend the money on. Gah! I hate that.

That last paragraph aside, it should be tons of fun, even if it doesn't get above 10° the entire day!

I will leave you with a historical note. Today in 54 BC, Julius Caesar's term as a Roman consul ends in the midst of his triumphant conquest of Gaul. So go out and conquer something!

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