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Yay for movies!

My Must See Movie of the year is The Wolverine. Wolverine has always been my favorite comic book character.

Well, I will amend that, Wolverine is my favorite mainstream comic book character. My favorite comic book character is Badger, who had his own title back in the 80s and was created by Mike Baron. Baron also created and wrote Nexus -- that book was illustrated by Steve Rude and is my husband's favorite comic ever. Anyhow, Badger was a clinically insane hero who headquartered in Madison, WI (Natch!). Badger was actually Norbert Skyes who suffered from Multiple Personality Disorder (before it was called Dissociative Identity Disorder). It was a wonderful dark comedy and was alternatively slapstick humor and graphic violence. It was originally published by Capital Comics out of Madison and survived for a while drifting from independent label to independent label. It only had about 70 issues but I loved it. Most of that had to do with Make Baron's awesome writing skills, but the comic also had some high quality artistic names attached to it. I may actually own all the issues.

However, Badger is little more than a blip on the great scale of comics. Not edgy enough to attract attention, nor niche enough to gain a cult following. So I can't generally claim him as my favorite comic book hero because no one will have ever heard of him.

Therefore, I take Wolverine. I know. He's ridiculously popular. I should hate him for alls sorts of cliched reasons but, in the end, he is very much my perfect superhero. Now I like Batman -- especially with what Nolan had done for him in the Dark Knight movies, but Wolverine is even closer to my favorite archetype.

So I've got a date on Friday with my hubby who is kind enough to indulge my love of the character and he has agreed to take me to the movie and perhaps out for a drink.

Sounds lovely.

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