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A good thing, in a small town

I can't say enough good things about our local hospital's emergency room (ie walk-in clinic) and the local Marshfield clinic. Last Monday a little after 6 pm, when I decided I needed my leg looked at, I went to the walk in. I walked right up to the desk and got a room right away. While I was checking in, giving them all my particulars, a young man came in complaining about having thrown his back out. He was in obvious pain and even more obvious panic. He was extremely distraught at having to wait to be looked at and practically collapsed into one of the waiting wheelchairs. The gal behind the counter pushed the little call button and someone appeared to take care of him. She did manage to get his name and birthdate, but that's all he gave her before he was wheeled into the back. I patiently waited for her to print out all the little wrist bands and such, but then, I wasn't actually in a lot of pain.

They were all nice, gave me a great room, turned on the TV to keep me and Myr entertained and took very good care of me. They even brought in a specialist from the hospital to check and make sure that my leg wasn't going to become a real issue. They asked if I had a gp and then said they'd send her the results of everything and that I should see her if I had further concerns.

Today, since it's been a week since I hurt it and it didn't have any appreciable improvement, I decided to go see my gp. I called the local clinic at 9:50 am this morning and they said I could see my doc at 10:15, if I could get there by then. I could and I did. My gp said that the leg is healing as well as could be expected and set up another appointment in 6 weeks to keep an eye on it.

You can't beat that service with a stick.

The talk is, with all the changes in the health care system coming down, we could lose our local hospital. We're a small community and our population density doesn't warrant the amount of money needed to keep it all going. I'm hoping that that's all just rumor stuff, but with the focus on "getting the most bang for your buck" that comes with a lot of governmental mandates, we often lose out on the money because we just don't have concentrated population to get that money. It's why we lose out on governmental school and community funds and grants -- when you give the stats on how many people you can reach, we just can't compete.

Statistically, we're just not big enough to matter.


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Jun. 11th, 2013 06:42 pm (UTC)
I'm glad your doctor checked out your leg. Here's hoping it continues to heal and is back to normal ASAP!

Obamacare's intended effects are scary enough...the unintended consequences, such as the loss of doctors and medical facilities in rural areas, are downright frightening. When I remember how Obamacare was sold to us, as a premium-lowering cure-all, and when I think of how many voters still believe Obamacare = free health care, I want to scream.

PS - I've noticed the '750' tag on a couple of your posts...what does it mean?
Jun. 11th, 2013 09:58 pm (UTC)
750 is my tag for 750words.com a website that encourages you to write 750 words a day. So far I have written 750 words (or more) for 63 days in a row. Most of it is stream of consciousness/babbling, but anything I write there that I edit and post here (even if it's not the same day) gets the 750 tag.

My Hogan's Heroes fanfic was written in two sittings at 750words.com. It was mostly complete, even if I did tinker with it a bit while not on the clock.

The site has a lot fo different analysis tools, but what I like is that it keeps a running word count and a timer going to let you know how you are writing. I really like the site, even if too often my posts are just about how I don't have anything to write about...
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