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Supernatural Crossovers

Supernatural/Criminal Minds

art_savage wrote This Bitter Earth which is my favorite CM/SPN crossover to date. It's more Dean than Sam and she limits the number of CM people involved but, IMHO, it makes for a solid story that way. I hold out hope for a sequel. The very best thing about this fic is the wonderful characterization of Dean and of the boy's relationship at the end of season four. Dead on, but yet not completely lacking warmth and love.

lilaeth wrote Eat It, Twilight. It's a long piece (written for a big bang, I think) set in the fifth season of both shows. It takes a fairly harsh view of Twilight fans (or teenage girls), but it's got the characterizations down pretty good. Fair warning: This is set between "Good God, Y'all" and "Free to be You and Me" and has all the issues that the boys had then.

On ff.net, The Bookkeeper wrote No Difference is a very nice piece focusing on the boys interaction with Morgan and Reid. Very well done, it's set early season seven and keeps wonderfully true to the characters.

Also over on ff.net, I like Hunters and Prey/Facade by PaBurke. It's short but good. Once again it's well-written enough for me to like Gideon. I really think she captures the difficulties the CM team would have if they would run to the Winchester brothers. Not in profiling them, but in dealing with the unknown that they are.

This one comes with a "not following canon but still in character" warning: jujuberry136 has two SPM/CM fics: The Time Has Come to Be Gone and When You are Done. They are both set more in the Supernatural world than in the Criminal Minds one -- although I really like how she merged the two in the sequel. Some of the things in the plot are AU enough make my canon-obsessed self squirm, but it's done so damn well that it doesn't distract from my enjoyment of the fics. The characterizations are amazing and she manages to make all the characters smart and valuable, something that is almost impossible when dealing with a crossover that has some many characters.


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