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Lancomm Challenge: Down the Rabbit Hole

For this challenge we were supposed to create our own Alternative Universe. We needed to do a picspam of 6 images or a writing of at least 150 words. Do both and you get the badge! So I did both, natch!

Jack Bauer is an ex-cavalry officer, who is currently a special agent for the US Army’s Continental Territories Unification Division. The mission of the CTU is to head off any problems that could potentially interfere with continued US westward expansion. Theoretically Bauer’s job is to stop threats from the indigenous population, foreign governments and any other separatist movements. However, all too often he is faced with the untenable politics of the Army and government, with the interference of railroad and cattle barons and with the misinformation spread by newspapermen and dime novelists. Bauer’s close friendship with President Ulysses S. Grant (forged during the Civil war) lends him some credibility, but Grant’s politics – especially his protection of Indian rights and the press for civil rights for the recently freed slaves – often is at odds with the desires of many in the western territories. Because of this, Bauer is often alone and unsupported in his missions, having to rely on a few close colleagues and, often, the very groups of people that he was, essentially, intended to fight against.

It's only after writing this that I realize how completely awesomely 24 fits as a western. It is probably why I love the show as much as I do! Also, it's not really AU because the characters are basically the same, they just moved to the late 1800s. The problem I have with most AUs are that, no matter how the writers try, the characters end up not being the characters I love. I don't want to read about Jack Bauer, the brain surgeon or Jack Bauer, the chemical engineer. He's not really Jack Bauer, then.

I know, I know. Most people read fic to get a different view of the characters, but that's just not me. My favorite part of this was the insight that Ulysses S. Grant could easily substitute for Palmer. And Grant's administration was plagued with about as many problems as Palmers was. Cool, really.



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Feb. 28th, 2013 06:33 am (UTC)
This is completely awesome...and I didn't even watch 24. Awesome!
Feb. 28th, 2013 10:19 pm (UTC)
Thanks! It helps that Kiefer was a real rodeo cowboy, giving me great pics to work with. And the fact that I love all things cowboy. I didn't think that I would come up with anything for the challenge, so I'm happy it turned out.
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